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Welcome to a world of flavour! Expertly blended herb and spice blends, recipe kits and BBQ blends for inspired recipes and amazing world flavours to unleash your inner Chef!

Our King Size large shaker pots encompass fourteen different world-flavours using key blends of herbs and spices; our Kings of Seasonings! The King Size pots hold on average, four times the amount of product of a typical spice jar! This gives incredible value, ensuring a plentiful supply of your favourite flavour-blend is always at hand. Simply add the dry blend to any meat, fish, vegetable or protein substitute, mix with a little oil to create a marinade or use in favourite your favourite world recipes...just ask google or Alexa to access thousands of recipes from just 14 world flavour blends! Think gumbos, jambalaya, dals, tagines, fajitas and stir-fry to name a few!

Take a culinary journey across the globe, keep it simple or be adventurous the choice is yours!


Looking for something to impress your family and friends? Try our World of Tapas Recipe Kits for a feast made easy! 

At Flavour King, we know how great it is to be sociable and what better way than by sharing delicious mini-dishes that are full of flavour? Our World of Tapas recipe kits have ventured out of Espanola and wandered the globe, picking up morsels of mouth-watering mini meals from Asia to South America.

Each kit has a perfectly balanced combination of sharing dishes, that allow you to cook up a storm, with a spread of six different dishes that feed 6 or more people! 

Our easy-cook recipes are designed to help you out; a full shopping list, simple instructions and top tips mean that putting on a party is made simple. Add to this our little pots of BIG flavour and you have the formula for a feast! Get your pots and pans at the ready, grab a friend to be the Sous Chef to your inner Chef and get creative!

Or try our BBQ Buddy Recipe Kits 

The World’s First BBQ and Grill Feast Recipe Flavour Kits!

Create a Banquet of amazing BBQ Dishes in your own Home!(or garden!)

At Flavour King, we are passionate about taking the everyday and making it extraordinary. We all know that when the sun comes out its barbecue time, so we have taken inspiration from across the globe to create our BBQ feast packs! 

We love the way that cuisine crossover becomes so evident, with European-influenced bagels a New York staple to Morrocan-inspired Dukkah in Australia, put down that sausage and pick up the spices for a barbecue with bite! 

Each BBQ kit provides 6 little pots of BIG flavour to create mouth-watering grill dishes that feed 4 people per recipe. The recipes can be used separately as the main attraction in a meal for 4 or used for a family-and-friends BBQ feast for 8-10, that will really get people talking! Get your charcoal and grill at the ready, channel your inner Chef and crank up the heat!

Our easy-cook recipes are designed to help you out; a full shopping list, simple instructions and top tips mean that both a quick and easy alternative for dinner or putting on a party for friends and family is made simple.