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Flavour King is an independent herb and spice brand based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. 

We blend and package herbs and spices to provide a range of natural flavouring in unique and practical package sizes, to maximise the appeal of herb and spice blends to cooks of all ages and abilities. Our colourful package design and branding will stand out on the shelf, with carefully designed boxes and shaker pots maximising shelf space whilst being robust and ergonomic. We also provide retailers with counter-top, display cases to maximise visual impact.

We also work with independent, local butchers and food specialists to incorporate our products into their service, providing complimentary merchandise that will complement existing ranges of products and foods. 

Our herbs and spices are carefully selected and sourced from leading, reputable suppliers and we have a robust food safety program in place, following both GMP and HACCP principles at our local packing factory. We have complete control over all aspects of the process from product selection through to branding, design and packaging and as such can create bespoke products alongside our current range of herbs and spices.

We have a passion for both local business and herbs and spices with a desire to supply interesting, tasty and quality products. Through our flavour-expertise, our herbs and spice blends compliment creative cookery, clean-eating and traditional world flavour dishes with specially-selected tried and tested recipes provided to give inspiration.

Seasoning Shots 6 World Flavour Recipe Kit 

Flavour king Seasoning Shots Recipe Kits are an on-trend, convenient and handy way to cook recipes in 15-20 minutes and provides a healthy-eating solution that is interesting and tasty. This kit takes the hassle out of meal planning and makes a world of flavours accessible, unlocking the mysteries of world cuisine at a touch. Ergonomically designed they can be stored like a book on a kitchen shelf ready for use any time. The kit packs are priced with a RRP of £5.95 each. 

Our kit has an internationally-inspired theme, with recipes and flavour blends from the Orient, Asia, America, Mexico, Africa and the West in handy to use ‘shots’ that provide just the right amount for the stated recipe, but that could also provide a convenient multi-pack for any use. 

FlavourKing have worked hard to create inspiring recipes including French steak provençale, Chinese glazed oriental pork, Moroccan lamb with shiraz and honey sauce, American deep-south dixie chicken, Indian tandoori salmon skewers, and Portuguese fiery chicken. Or simply use as a dry rub or mix with healthy oil for a marinade for meat fish or protein substitute. Great for meal-prepping or use the whole range to create an amazing internationally inspired family BBQ. 

GrubRubs Big Pots - 8 World Flavours Collection 

From small acorns, great trees grow…. Flavour King GrubRubs Big Pots are large shaker pots containing eight different world flavour blends of herbs and spices. They hold on average four times the amount of product of a typical spice jar! This gives incredible value to the consumer, ensuring a plentiful supply of their favourite flavour-blend is always at hand. Add these flavours to any meat, fish, vegetable or protein substitute to liven up a meal or use in favourite world recipes, again and again.